A fresh approach to health & wellness.

Our 8-week program focuses on physical, mental and emotional health for individuals with an existing disability or a recent diagnosis. And since no one’s experience is one-size-fits-all, our program is specifically created with the individual in mind.

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Mind, Body, Spirit.

We work to foster an environment where all MENTOR participants can thrive on wellness through learning, belonging, and self-discovery of true assets that you discover through the portals of mind, body and spirit.

Program Benefits

Mentor provides all participants access to a variety of free benefits including: 

  • One-on-one health coaching
  • Access to a fitness instructor, nutritionist and mindfulness coach
  • Coaches specialize in programs for those with disabilities 
  • Exercise supplies
  • Grocery delivery for cooking demonstrations  
  • All classes are offered virtually
  • Learning portal to track goals and progress
  • Opportunity to connect and build community


MENTOR focuses on mindfulness to give you a clear and focused outlook on your wellness journey, allowing you to continue to meet your wellness goals long after the program has ended.



Our wellness program is adapted to your exercise goals and needs, providing comprehensive classes and equipment.



Proper nutrition is key to good health. Our registered dietitian will help you create a foundation in nutrition to better your health and be mindful about the foods you put in your body.



Our holistic approach to resilience merges mental, physical, and emotional health to optimize the way you live.