About the Program

MENTOR is an 8-week virtual wellness program designed for people who have recently acquired a disability diagnosis, or an existing disability with a new health condition or secondary diagnosis.

The program consists of 3 main components- mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition. Not only will the Mentor program provide tools and education in mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition, but 8 other areas of wellness to incorporate into your everyday life. Each week we will focus on different topics, exercises, and activities to improve the body, mind, and spirit.

Program Details:

  • Virtual: Due to COVID-19, we have made the program completely available online.
  • Health Coaching: Each week, the participants will be able to meet with one of our health coaches to help you set and achieve personal health goals.

What is Health Coaching? What is a Secondary Health Condition? What is considered a Secondary Health Condition? How long to I have to be onsite at Lakeshore?

The Mentor program meets twice per week and is about 2 hours per day. The total commitment to the onsite portion is 4 hours per week.